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rustic tile equipment
rustic tile equipment
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semi-polishing machine
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■ semi-polishing machine is a new kind of ceramic deep processing equipment which designed following absolutely innovating and meeting the requirements of markets. it was adopted advanced driving system, it has features of save energy, high polishing efficiency, drive stable and large output (over 5000m2/day). it allows the application of:

 ※ the half or fully polishing on the surface of the tiles, it has highly luminous, grinding evenly, so obtain the artistic effect which both retain the color of tile and make the local gloss. it is suitable for rustic tile, art border, uneven mould tile application.

 ※ it allows the matt polishing for anti-abrasion tiles, soluble-salt, rustic tile etc. eliminate roughness surface, get the artistic effect which are not blink but glossy.

 ※ waxing or nanometer on the half or fully polishing tiles,make luminous over 90°from 50-60°before waxing, also get the best anti-dirty effect.

■ model and technical parameter

model tile size the quantity of polishing head power overall dimension (l×w×h) processing speed weight
njp-060 300-600mm 8sets×8pcs=64pcs 43kw 8600×1580×2000mm 2-8m/min 12t
njp-080 300-800mm 8sets×8pcs=64pcs 55kw 8600×1580×2000mm 2-8m/min 12t


fully glaze polishing line


  new king time fully glaze polishing line is developed from our years of research, whose design concept is based on the up-to-date technology in consideration of the features of glaze tiles production. by virtue of the compact structure as well as mature and stable characteristic, it is easy to operate and maintenance with hardly trouble.

technical feature

  this line is composed of auto loading machine, polishing machine, cutting machine, squaring & chamfering machine, nano waxing machine, film sticking machine etc.


  granito tile, glaze tile, microcrystal tile

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