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rustic tile equipment
rustic tile equipment
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belt printing machine
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■ function

 ※ it is used for flat screen printing.

 ※ can print single tile or more together.

■ technical feature

 ※ it’s controlled by plc with high performance, so as to get high printing accuracy and output. it’s wide applicability with hardly trouble.

 ※ thanks to chinese and english display, easy to operate and maintain.

 ※ by virtue of special tensioning design as well as simple structure, it’s easy to install or disassemble from the glazing line. it will not reduce the printing accuracy for lacking air any more.

■ model and technical parameter

model tile size output power overall dimension (l×w×h) weight
npd-044x 150-440mm 70pcs/min 1.8kw 2150×1050×1500mm 400kg
npd-066x 330-660mm 50pcs/min 1.8kw 2350×1230×1500mm 450kg
npd-088x 440-880mm 25pcs/min 1.8kw 2500×1350×1500mm 600kg

no.014 npd-044x

no.015 npd-066x

no.0151 npd-066/088 belt printing machine (synchro belt type)

no.0152 npd-055/066 belt printing machine (synchro belt type)

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