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establish "program" mode of thinking, improve work efficiency
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established the importance of program thinking (after the first action plan work habits) of.
    in today's society is fast fish eat slow fish age . businesses overcapacity, fierce competition. only the right direction, the quick action of the enterprise to be invincible. so learn to develop a work plan, the first problem analysis mode habits carefully before action is to improve the working efficiency, the only way to improve their efficiency.
as the old saying goes: the spring. but when spring. this column published the annual summary of various departments last year and the new year's work plan. for all to learn. i hope you seriously study with their work-related content. at the same time, we are asking everyone to learn from each other, those who plan well written, what makes a good plan and a summary of it? complete work plan should contain?
    human movement by the brain command. command system work plan is a man of action, regardless of whether you write it, and then there are the first in a planned action, action often only temporary before making a deal with work, is passive, inefficient, non-innovative, even without value. we have only to find out that, in order to make their daily work, clear thinking, improve efficiency, enhance the value of work, adapt to the current competitive market environment. here on this issue to make some summary and description.

two, four levels of work program content.
    a complete work plan (including annual, monthly, week, day, etc.) consists of four levels, namely:
  title , points analysis, goal setting, implementation.

a, title (theme).
    this plan is what to write content. requirements concise.
    in general refers to specific main line of work or mainline branch, for example: about 6s management. about an order scheduling. about a product (engineering) design. a device on a particular aspect of quality problems. demand information about a customer. bian available on certain parts. and many more.

second, the node (the problem) analysis.
    issues which aspect of the plan involves the subject. it can be divided into multiple layers, from the surface to the point, from shallow to deep. for example, on the issue (the first layer) 6s management aspects may be involved:
    1, outside the workshop environment management.
    2, the workshop management.
    3, 6s management office.
    every problem (event) and may involve several aspect (second layer):
    1, outside the factory environmental management
    1a, turf management,
    1b, tree management,
    1c, clean management.
    2a, the entire rule of footprints.
    3a, office 6s is not standardized.
    each reanalysis (third layer):
    1aa, lawn varying lengths, coorong control is not good.
    1ba, trees, vines chaos.
    1bb, entrance lawn longan trees grow well.
    1bc, some tree pruning from time to time.
    2aa, often found footprints on the parts.
    3aa, many office set-good, some gear line of sight, and so the overall unsightly.
  or more layers from the surface to the point, can be single or multiple expression layer. it is to find and analyze problems, ask questions.

third, the goal-setting.
    according to the status of each issue of the above analysis, planning , to deal with the question of what state. the best data, at least to clearly describe.
    for example, for the above:
    1aa, so for many years to keep the lawn beautiful.
    1bb, so that trees growing beautiful, full of life. 2aa, eliminate mechanical footprints on!
    3a, the development of office buildings 6s standards and management system.

fourth, the implementation plan.
    bian what action to take to achieve the goal. including a clear action to develop the new system (drawing program), to modify the existing system. who is involved (who is going to perform), who supervise.
    general sources embodiment:
    1, that there is being implemented, but the implementation is not good (this plan how to implement)
    2, that there are systems had to perform, but the effect is not ideal, then modify the system (processes, methods).
    3, emerging issues or they had no control, so development of new methods. a specific action. for example: 1aa: development of lawn maintenance system.
    1bb, looking for expert diagnosis, develop improvement plans. 2aa, revised penalty system, at least not every day once regular comprehensive inspection. see once again announced the punishment until the eradication of footprints!
    3a, system office 6s system, conference publicity the implementation of routine screening.

description :
    1, according to the classification scheme (annual, monthly , week, day program) is different from the work plan can be written from different levels. you can also write to the last level and not temporarily stopped (write only one, two, raised the issue).
    2, no matter from which level to start writing (reflection) or temporarily not write down a (not clear problem analysis, or think embodiment), the last to be written to (want) to the last level (embodiment), planned to be implemented, it makes sense.
    3, for each main line of work (6s management, quality management, scheduling management, project management, technical innovation of a product management, supplier management, effective information management, etc.), is constantly to training, and to solve the existing problems, and constantly create new problems in the process. this is the program of work pdca cycle.

three , several common questions about program management.
    1, no work plan can be written:
this is the most recurrent problem that is now working properly carried out, there is nothing planned written! this shows that our daily did not think ridiculous. how is it possible to make this innovative work it! like going to the supermarket, do not preclude the purchase of a single plan, just to kill time, not in order to quickly complete the task.
    2, write the plan may not be able to perform.
any question, any time this class solutions. otherwise, it is not really in control of the state. as we had concluded before the communication four steps: arrange, expression, interaction, consensus. where consensus is the next move. pdca cycle theory is the meaning. even convention next discuss, give up the plan, but also the conclusion (nap).
    3, plans to implement or not, for many reasons not in my ( my department).
modern business problems are often teamwork to solve, span cross department. plan is clear on this issue, i (my department) should do what it can do. through their own efforts to solve the problem of a force. at the same time, promote the relevant departments to work around the problem, which requires organizational skills, communication skills. for example, 6s, quality issues, etc. are all questions for each department (staff) have some issues to resolve with other departments.
    4, program elements incomplete or unrealistic (not available implementation).
planned but no time, no executive departments, no executor, no supervision departments (people), the target is too void, involving a wide range of action is not clear, can not be implemented. such a program (system) on the same dummy. the need for further refinement, clarification. ground gas to be implemented.
        the daily action into the process, process led by conscious! is the behavior into good habits in the process.
and we will work reliability, efficiency can really toward a higher goal forward!
      i wish you all a prosperous new year!

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