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the joint press conference for print head of xaar 2001,720 dpi was held in new king time’s factory
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the joint press conference for print head of xaar 2001,720 dpi was held in new king time’s factory on dec 12, 2017,


 mr. ricky yang , the president of new king time, mr. jack peng, the general manager. mr. bob, the sales director of asia pacific in xaar company, dr deng, the business development manager and their stronger team, the secretary general of foshan ceramic industry association, mr. luo qing, and all the representatives of ceramics industry, textile industry, sanitary ware industry, ink company, and media representatives were invited to witness the event.

keynote speech by mr. jack, general manager of new king time

mr. jack begins with the analysis of current situation in ceramic industry in depth: over production, environment protection stress, cost increasing, less profit. he came up with perspective of the trend ceramic industry heading: capacity moving out, policy standardization, production specialization, management diversification.

point out the survival rules for tile production line that is to survive with large capacity advantage and flexible products adapt to the market. the ceramic industry came though serveral times of shuffle, and a new round of shuffle is underway, nameless brand or uncompetitive enterprise continue to be took over by the giant brand, the market share will be highly concentrated by few big companies, the production will be more standard also environmental-friendly, ten billion scale industrial enterprises start to show up.

mr. jack shared with the growth history of new king time and readjustment of product structure. 321 strategies.3 main projects : rustic equipments, digital printing machine for ceramic, textile, glass or other industrial application, automization engineering mainly for sanitaryware production. 2 core technologies: digitization and intelligentize. 1 purpose: customer benefits.

time for innovation! the enterprises now focus on innovation than any time ever before. mr. jack shared with the way how to reduce the risk and increase the efficiency by innovation, that is to promote upsteam and downsteam firms to share platform for united innovation! new king time will continue to increase investment on product innovation, such as investing more on glaze line equipments r&d centre and digital application lab, that is why joint laboratory by new king time and xaar founded.

to bring an end to the speech, mr. jack quoted a famous chinese poem to interpret the xaar2001, , which originally used for admiring the lady’s beauty and wonderful west lake. the xaar 2001 , with 720dpi technology innovation, high class, high definition, high ink laydown, no matter what color you print, it just looks very nice.

dr deng, the business development manager of the xaar company, give a presentation about xaar2001 head from four aspects, entitled "2001 to inject new impetus into ceramic digital printer!"


ultra high ink laydown

2001 deliver twice ink laydown as 1003 in grey scale mode. so we can enhance the colour without losing the details with the same drop size as 1003, with the latest hl technology, gs12 can achieve 240g/sq m at 25 m/min whitch can open up lots of new opportunities in effect.


one head serving multi-propose

xaar 2001 gs12 , can be used as a 720dpi single colour head to deliver the ink laydown of 40g/sq m at 25m/min. by simply changing the waveform , the head can be used as a hl head which can deliver 240g/sq m at 25m/min , make use of the dual ink inlets by inking up 2 different inks , the head can be run in dual colour mode and giving 360dpi ,20g/sq m at 25m/min, and the head can be applied to fast line speed printing with reasonable inklaydown.


720dpi 6pl drop size

high definition tile manufacturing needs high dpi and small drop size. xaar 2001 gs6 is the best one in the market that can provide 720dpi with 6pl drop size


advances design

tripling up the continue non-stop printing time with the new nozzle guard, higher colour uniformity across the head, reliable printing with tf etc... 

in the conference site, mr. bob ——sales director of asia pacific in xaar company, reviewed the pleasant cooperation with new king time for many years, and explained why new king time is one of the most important oem partner in china and even the world! mr. bob points out the problems of the xaar company in the past: not close enough to the chinese market! and he also put forward the future direction: take china as the most important market, and move the r&d team of the print head to new king time factory etc ! therefore, the news conference with new king time was held, and the joint laboratory was founded. these actions are designed to make the product more grounded and it is better to solve the problems of chinese customers on time. for example, to test the correct waveform and printing parameters for all kinds of ink tests, and make sure that customers use xaar 2001 print head successfully! mr. bob believes that as a company which owned the world's largest number of digital printing technology patents, the xaar 2001 print head with 720dpi will definitely bring new surprises to the ceramic industry.

mr. luo qing, secretary general of foshan ceramic industry association and deputy secretary general of guangdong ceramic industry association,  took a day to attend our new product conference .

he said that 2017 was indeed a very unusual year for ceramic industry. under the challenge of terminal market differentiation, lower price for mature product, higher price for raw material, strict environmental policy and excess capacity, the business mode of every enterprise must change fundamentally to survive and develop. on behalf of foshan ceramic industry association, mr. luo is appreciated that new king time has focused on the production and operation of glaze line equipment more than 20 years and has become one of the largest and most professional supplier of glazing equipment supplier in china, even in the world with its excellent products and considerate service. and highly praised that new king time brought the innovation product, the highest-level digital machine which is optional for 8, 10, and 12 channels with latest print head xaar 2001 with 720dpi.

finally, to be the general director of cicpe, mr. luo showed his heartfelt thanks to all the enterprises from domestic and oversea, who take an active part in 2018 foshan ceramics product exhibition and cicee. mr. luo is confident that he will be able to make two exhibitions in 2018 as a shining card for chinese ceramics industry and promotes the upgrading and development for ceramic industry, then reaching the stage of the world.

all guests and media representatives visited the workshop of new king time, there had a opening ceremony of the "new king time / xaar joint laboratory". new king time introduced the latest ceramic digital printer with xaar2001 to all guests.

workshop of new king time


after visiting, all the guests were celebrating together at the new king time’s farm. 


thanks for domestic customer’s  trust such as inoi ,guanxing,jinhang, mingrui ceramic factory etc, thanks to both india and vietnam’s  customer support, and would like to choose nkt’s latest digital printer with xaar2001 , the machine have been put it into production smoothly!

after conference, the media reported this event. meantime, ink company, customer representatives and a lot of  friends instantly refresh, and share happiness by wechat!

finally, we sincerely thank all of you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend our press conference.thanks to the r&d team of xaar company and the cooperation of all the ink production enterprises!thanks to all customers' supporting and trust for over 20 years!thanks to all medias for your timely introduction and objective reports! looking forward to the future, we will continue to improve the three major projects of product structure, improve both the quality of our products and services! we will continue as always and to lead ceramic glazing technology to industry 4.0!

new king time——leading ceramic glazing technology to industry 4.0!

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