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20 years of focus persist, industry experts achievement model - interview with xin jing tai group general manager peng chang
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- interview with the new general manager of foshan city, jingtai chang peng-yl

newspaper reporter pan chunhua huopei shan

is located in sanshui district, foshan city, jingtai was established in 1993, has accumulated 10 years of experience in research and development, we have formed a set of product development, production management and after-sales service in a professional team, with glazing line equipment series, roller printing machine, tablet printing machine, tile and stone processing equipment, tiles automatically detect and packaging equipment, ink jet printing machines and other six series of products, including antique brick series equipment in the domestic market share of more than 70% it was hailed as "antique brick equipment experts" in the row. .
according to statistics, the average life expectancy of smes in china is only 25 years, the average life expectancy of only conglomerate 7--8 years, often "one year fortune, fortune two years, three years of collapse," said. like new jingtai, as a small business from the start, can successfully through 20 years of trials and private enterprises, one of the few. at the same time it can be recognized as the "press accessory experts" and "expert glazing equipment", "antique brick equipment experts" enterprises in the ceramics industry, but also now in place among the forefront of the inkjet vendor. it is only a handful. looking back on 20 years of development, the new jingtai group general manager peng chang eventful. recently, the reporter visited the new jingtai jingtai together to explore new development path for 20 years.

do professional things with professionals, independent research and development to achieve a new leap

at the beginning of the last century the late 1980s and early 1990s, with deng xiaoping's southern tour, ceramic industry ushered in the first round of great development in 1993, taking advantage of the new jingtai shareholders of the wind, on this land to take root in foshan , began the introduction of foreign imports of the press fitting this business until now, the new store is still jingtai foshan large-scale presses spare parts suppliers. in 1995, it began to introduce new jingtai italy glazing line equipment, such as omis, tsc printing machine, bell pour the glaze and so on. achieved from the introduction of imported parts to turn the device, and this is the first time over the new development on the jingtai. subsequently, the new jingtai was the first to introduce a full line of smac italy antique brick equipment. it is reported that the first generation of production of antique tiles ceramic manufacturers, such as italian pottery, loulan, romario, aesthetic and so on. most used the new jingtai introduction of antique brick equipment. in 2000, from a purely business to new jingtai equipment research and development, production and service direction, independent research and development of ceramic machinery, the first development to achieve a new jingtai second historic leap. in the subsequent 10 years time, the new jingtai set up a special research and development department, to keep all kinds of advanced glazing line equipment at home, the new jingtai quickly became the most professional antique brick equipment suppliers, products sold abroad.
"independent research and development of new jingtai development process once the most significant change." according to peng chang group, the new jingtai independent research and development has gone through 13 years, has laid an important foundation for future development. jingtai been to concentrate on developing new machinery equipment, and in 13 years of independent research and development process, the new jingtai printing machine and has the technical knowledge and antique brick equipment "digest." in recent years, specializing in new jingtai committed inkjet research and development. in 2010, the new jingtai launched the first generation inkjet printers, inkjet printers also introduced the second generation of the market in 2012. it is reported that the new second-generation inkjet jingtai uses grayscale heads, delicate pattern, color stability, easy operation, which marks the new jingtai inkjet achieved excellent level of domestic inkjet machine. in 2011, the new jingtai covering 76 acres of new plant put into use, laid the foundation for the future development of the hardware. through 20 years of eventful years, the new jingtai people in a professional, focused, calm attitude, won the unanimous endorsement of the industry. "with professional people, professional thing to do, in order to ensure product quality." jingtai people professional dedication and perseverance, so that the new jingtai 20 years of development has maintained industry-leading position, the industry was hailed as " accessories expert "and" glazing equipment experts "," antique brick equipment expert. " behind every "expert" are the result of long-term efforts of the new jingtai people.
from the agent to produce their own products, in the eyes of outsiders and perhaps this is nothing, but the new jingtai people, but called after a leap of progress. because the new jingtai to ensure product quality, never do things they are not good. touqie must fully understand the product before production and sales; the same time to ensure the continuous optimization of long-term competitiveness. peng said that with china's economic dividends, the effect of the demographic dividend gradually in the past, china's economic development has reached a turning point, very full competition in all areas, new opportunities increasingly difficult to meet. so the new jingtai next 10--20 years of thinking strategies are not done big adjustment. he believes that only in one aspect of the ongoing deep drilling, to be able to form their own competitiveness, this idea will also be reflected in the development of new road jingtai future.

grasping market position, with the quality to attract customers

for the layout of the market, the new jingtai never blindly seek more has been "slow and steady, with the service and quality to attract repeat customers." in the above marketing, new jingtai considered more of a long-term business problems. "it is relatively easy to sell, but to make good use of the customer is not easy." peng said, after all, or do you want to establish a sound marketing service system. chinese ceramics manufacturer star lo clouds in different provinces and cities nationwide, the new jingtai past year hundreds of inkjet sales, after-sales service team is no strong support can not. on the other hand, the current domestic use inkjet technology talent is not yet ripe, after the installation of the production line, but also the need for continuous training. operation, the failure rate is so involved inkjet ceramic factory sales, scheduling issues, and other aspects of air kiln, the new jingtai is gradually improving its service team. it is reported that, improve the service network is a highlight of this year's new jingtai.
jingtai new quality to win the conviction, not just in its service, it also reflects on ourselves to customers design, develop suitable products. in the new jingtai promote early inkjet printers, has, in the inkjet market positioning how to do a lot of discussions, research: if you open the market with the price, you must use the cheapest material nozzles and a view of the costs to a minimum, maintain balance of payments, but often at the expense of the interests of its clients, enabling customers to take great risk of use. peng admitted that at the beginning of the production of inkjet, because of the sprinklers do not know, making the new jingtai had a detour. after commissioning a one year period, the new jingtai eventually chose the more expensive, but better overall performance of searle head. "purcell's head, although expensive, but it is also only the most suitable for the production of ceramic inkjet head." peng said. ceramic equipment most important thing is practical, then do look exquisite beauty, not only as decoration but also practical, can not produce economic benefits. it is reported that now the new jingtai xaar printhead has been used more than a year, and has not appeared for a long time and so can not solve the problem of customer dissatisfaction, the general feedback from customers are satisfied. the success rate of customer second purchase of up to 70%.
recent years, the inkjet market competition at home and abroad about a dozen inkjet brand. peng believes that current low price inkjet printers, service costs than major. inkjet machine will go through a process of future competition in the industry reshuffle, the multi-brand to brand development is ultimately less mainstream brands only three or so. reporters learned that many manufacturers put on the market and inkjet inks bundling. this marketing model to some extent, reduce customer choice, but also make the market competition is not sufficient. in order to allow customers to have more choices in the design of the new jingtai inkjet machine, the machine will have a variety of inks and inkjet on the market for debugging, to ensure the production of inkjet able to adapt to all types of ink. "for the short term, this may not bring us direct economic benefits, but in the long run, is certainly advantageous, this is not only beneficial for business is good for the entire industry is beneficial." peng he says. jingtai put more focus on inkjet-related technology improvement and innovation, in order to ensure lasting competitiveness jingtai new inkjet and seek development of the industry, promote the improvement of industrial ceramic machine production technology level.

committed to technological innovation, energy conservation for the benefit of society

innovation has always been a driving force enterprises to long-term development. from the introduction of accessories, to the introduction of equipment, sub and independent research and development of new jingtai has been at the forefront of the industry, its innovative shaped coating and innovative ways straight line leaching glaze, glaze-section of enamel-listed last year and inkjet machine, the new execution brick robots. jingtai new products in all adhere to quality, based on innovative endeavor, each one is a device for solving the difficulties and the corresponding market presence. it is reported that the new second-generation inkjet jingtai are pure original products, is a research and development team in the new jingtai after two years of painstaking research and development of latest crystallization, and from the exterior to the interior structure of pure chinese ceramic machine industry in the true sense original, has a pure domestic pottery tradition. currently, the new second-generation inkjet jingtai six patents which have been declared two patents, three utility model patents and a patent appearance.
low-carbon, environmental protection is the theme of the future development of the industry, the new jingtai in promoting energy saving industry, always spare no effort. peng chang group, said: "in the past most of the ceramic enterprises of energy saving measures for mandatory government, and now, large-scale ceramic enterprises particularly focus on corporate energy conservation, some smaller-scale ceramic enterprises have begun to focus not only energy saving energy saving. it relates only to energy savings, but also help to improve the working environment of workers, reduce labor intensity, to maintain the health front-line workers. "
jingtai comply with national policy, since the date of the establishment of the industry is committed to energy conservation promotion device, its ink-jet printing apparatus is the introduction of low-carbon, environmental protection, energy reflected. it is understood that the new generation inkjet jingtai than traditional screen, roller printing equipment production increased by more than 50%, excellent product rate increased by 10%; more than 20% toner savings, reduce intermediate links ceramic production, reduce inventory, reducing the restrictions on production, increased production flexibility. in addition, for glaze ceramic enterprises waste in the production process, the new jingtai after two years of research and development, followed after continuous restructuring, and finally succeeded in developing enamel organ festival, and last year began mass production. section enamel can save 3% to 10% of the glaze, the glaze condition to solve the waste, while improving the company's production environment. in addition, according to the new jingtai sheet products accounted for more and more focused on the development of the sheet metal cutting equipment. according to some auto-execute brick defect, design a new front and back brick enforcement, these are new jingtai emission reductions in section a major breakthrough in terms of energy. jingtai fully reflects the new business as a sustainable development and a high degree of social responsibility.

looking to the future: the development of new inkjet multi seek directions

from the introduction of technology and equipment to independent research and development, from known as "accessories experts" to be a "glazing equipment experts", "antique brick equipment experts", the new jingtai every successful transformation, not by luck, but a direction, step by step plan, drawn up in accordance with the order to go its own way. peng said with a smile, which may have been new jingtai italy and manufacturers to cooperate with the europeans more long-term vision of the character more calm, things will not feel distractions, will always focus on product development and innovation. jingtai people always uphold this style of doing things, concentrate on practical take every step. each step down the long term.
group peng chang said that in the new jingtai 20-year history, the biggest development is the zero-based inkjet research and development production, sales now developed into the main line. reporters learned that this year will launch a new jingtai multichannel industry exhibition in guangzhou, support for multi-color inkjet printing. it is understood that the use of a general four-color inkjet is colored, the new jingtai the launch of this year's inkjet eight channels. peng said:

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