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domestic ceramic inkjet competitive situation analysis
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first, the popularity of the status quo before:

our ceramic inkjet true volume applications only less than three years, so far, the online market has exceeded the number of thousands of units, the utilization rate as high as 70% -80%. and the popularity of the machine speed until now, no signs of slowing down. by the end of 1200 may reach to 1,300 units. if the recent saturation 2,500-3,000 units to count. another 1-2 years, the penetration rate reached 70% -80% of the. so expensive equipment, the popularity of speed so fast, can not say unprecedented, at least is unprecedented. with previous years than the ultra-clean appearance, but only in ultra-clean bright polished in this field, and relates to inkjet ink jet can solve all occasions wall, floor tiles, waistline, outer wall and so on.
i believe that practical, inkjet machine manufacturing technology is mature, especially after the fall of domestic prices; ink technology is mature, the price is right is a major culprit. here is not to start on.

second, inkjet brand profiles.

at present, about 1,000 online inkjet machines, domestic mainstream brands have hope that the new jingtai, mika, tai wei, cai god; foreign qantas flat, kailajiete, b & amp; t, days ferrari workers, sacmi like. more than 10 domestic and foreign brands. there are several small share of the brand, a total of nearly 15. in just 2-3 years, so many brands also appear in the ceramics industry, this area is unparalleled. the brand's market share, the country's hope that the new jingtai, mika for the top three, currently accounted for about 70% of the market holdings. qantas foreign level, kailajiete, b & amp; t is the top three. total market accounted for about 10% of holdings.

third, the multi-brand competition causation.

from a market point of view to analyze digital printing, ceramic inkjet market share is not large. as previously estimated, predictable past few years, at most, and then on the 1000-2000 taiwan. photo machine, advertising and other digital printers light year china will produce tens of thousands compared to, really little.
so why such a narrow market there are so many brands coexist yet. i believe that the main reason for the following two aspects.
1, the first 2 years before the price of ceramic inkjet machine special high moisture large, high margin. for example, 1 minicomputer production of tiles, 2 the price is more than 200 years ago nearly 3 million, now more than 100 million, a decrease of more than 50%; 1 mainframe, two years ago is 600-7000000, now only about 3 million, so many brands to the pursuit of profit is inevitable. in recent years, with the decline in prices, there are many brands original intention to enter, now abandoned, in foreign countries, as far as i know, some of them have entered the brand, but also started to give up, is no longer in business. it is foreseeable that this phase-out war in china has also started, some of the later of domestic and foreign brands, the first will be eliminated.
2, ceramic inkjet ink manufacturing technology and mature rapidly. inkjet technology is mature, depends largely on the maturity of the nozzle, is appropriate for the ceramic industry applications. in this regard, the united kingdom, led by purcell nozzle supplier after years of practice, and now most machines are using the showerhead more mature, better use. purcell and basically solved the head a few years ago the problem of insufficient production, which accelerated the popularity of the machine, so the current domestic and foreign, xaar printheads machine market share as high as 80%. if the supply is not on the head, the machine is unable to rapidly growing popularity. the ink side, had only one or two and the price is high, and now has more than 10 domestic and foreign brands can supply bulk ink. the price of 1 - 2 years dropped by more than 50%. here is not to start on.

fourth, the results of competition.

as described above, the ceramic inkjet competition has entered a major turning point. by a small brand, high-profit into a seller's market many brands, low profits, market space is limited and the state of the future. so the result will be, it is worth inline personnel concerned. i nearly years of practice, the comprehensive variety of information, the main points are as follows, for your reference:

1, multi-brand will coexist for some time. and this time than previously anticipated (2--3 years) to be slightly longer. if you press every year china produced 500 inkjet computing, another 2--3 years, the market has become saturated, and more than 10 brands claw 500 points, the average is less than 50 units. moreover, several domestic top surface has accounted for more than 80% share, the average annual production of most brands only 30-50 units or less. at the present rate of profit should be eliminated soon come. however, the author many years of marketing practice, see, there are several factors that make a small share of brand continues to exist in the short term:
①, try operating conditions are poor, not willing to give producers in the short term. an inkjet machine from development to trial to mature, at least 1--2 years, as many 3--5 years before the introduction of 1--2 years, most do not want to give up. although the market outlook is not optimistic. and because it is the high price of inkjet devices, through price cuts, promotions and other conditions of payment, it is not difficult to sell a few out, but it can allow customers to good use is another matter.
② short term, difficult to use comparative data to make it clear that a good brand or a piece of equipment or bad, so that the customers choose the brand dispersed. features ceramic inkjet machine environment, rich artwork and other decisions ceramic inkjet printer can not do like the color of our office, as bought through the power basically can lay most of the map, usually change cartridge on it. ceramic machine regardless of domestic and foreign brands, no matter what brand of sprinklers, can not be fully resolved, such as cable, playing some version of the diagram is not good, and so on. at the same time, a variety of external factors of instability glaze, kiln technology changes, but also make the finished chromatic aberration; the problem because the machine itself occasionally fails due to instability caused by the machine unstable ink quality; supplier service is not in place and so on.
frequently asked questions over advance regardless of any manufacturer, the user can not be completely avoided. causing some customers even if their production lines have two different brands, because scheduling different artwork, different inks, different operation and maintenance, etc., in the end you even tell which brand is better. this leads to choose two or more brands to buy several machines.
2, xaar printheads in the foreseeable few years, is still the mainstream.
inkjet brand contending increasingly brutal competition. supplier nozzle is always the winner. especially as xaar inkjet ceramic has such a high market share, although in the past few years and now have a lot of other brands into the nozzle, the impact purcell thriving market. but i believe that this state is not possible in 3 - 5 years to change too much. one is detached because purcell bottom cycle technology, the most suitable use of ceramic ink tend to settle. years of practice has proved that the chance of using xaar printheads clogging the nozzle considerably less than other machines. second, the head of research and development, the construction of production lines, try to maturity is very long. this makes it difficult to want to follow the brand launched some very competitive products in the short term to compete with purcell. coupled with the patent protection and other factors, so in recent years to compete with the xaar printhead is yet to come.
3, domestic brands continued xaar printheads are dominant; foreign brands from the slightly longer term, competitive as domestic.
to change the market structure of the brand, come from behind, usually because there is a new disruptive technologies emerge. as mentioned above, since the nozzle technology determines the inkjet technology, so in the case of the nozzle without a significant change in the market structure, i believe, using xaar printheads machines continue to be the mainstream is inevitable, domestic and foreign so. in the domestic brands and foreign brands in the competition, i think, to the present, the basic pattern has been set, the mainstream domestic market share of foreign brands is difficult to significantly expand. because under normal circumstances the quality of the nozzle determines the quality of the machine's 70%. we use at home and abroad recognized as the best head, coupled with production in china is the largest machine, do the more machines in the world is more mature. up to now, the quality and functionality of the machine itself, the mainstream domestic brands and foreign brands no obvious differences in the mainstream, but some design and functionality, we are more suitable for chinese users, service advantage is even more pronounced. of course, some think of the brand in the country set up factories and service outlets, in order to enhance china's competitiveness. i believe that whether it should establish a sound service network and production facilities in china, how this dish reckoning foreigners than chinese people more rational. cost inkjet primarily, sprinklers british-made, so the machine in italy, in spain or china manufacturing cost is insignificant; and the current investment in chinese industry, especially factories, its threshold is not low. big investment, high operating costs, more importantly, the number of each brand mentioned above, the inkjet market share allocated to only a few dozen units, low profits, possession of a large amount of funds, the market potential is not. for various reasons, making it difficult to find foreign brands to set up factories in china, a comprehensive long-term participation in the market competition grounds. before the ceramic industry presses for the manufacturer and kilns foreign manufacturers have had similar experiences. but the fact is, in china, chinese companies keep the same level of competition, not many success stories.
these are the building materials by weekly summary luo was invited at some conclusions and views on the status of development of inkjet machine made inadequate, please forgive me.

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