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rustic tile equipment
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cloudy spraying machine
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■ function

 ※ spraying cloudy or drips shape irregularly on the surface of the tile which have been body glaze or printed, make the tile colorful and more natural, get the ideal effect.

 ※ spraying thin and evenly glaze on the surface of the tile.

■ technical feature

 ※ the up-to-date equipment for rustic tile, can make the tile's pattern more natured.

 ※ it's equipped with professional spray gun with double channel, easy to adjust and clean.

 ※ cycle feeding loop can prevent glaze from jamming.

 ※ thanks to specific pressure gauge, can adjust easily ,so as to achieve data management.

 ※ it's fitted with electric control system, achieve chromatic effects from one to four different colors with one single spray gun. at the same condition, offers ceramic company the possibility of making variable patterns.

■ application

 ※ rustic, floor tile and wall tiles etc.

■ model and technical parameter

modelmax sizepoweroverall dimensionair consumptionweight

single spraying gum with one color

double spraying gum with one color

one spraying gum with four colors

■ multicolor spraying system

the multicolor spraying system has been designed according to totally innovative criteria. it equipped with special spraying gun with 4 colors, independent glaze supplying system and intelligent electrical control system. it is widely used for spraying rustic tile, wall and floor tile, mosaic tile and square tile etc.

four spraying gum with four colors

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