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rustic tile equipment
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drying machine
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■ function

 ※ heat the glazed surface of tile rapidly to help the ink penetrate into the glaze fast and improve the printing result with more clearity.

 ※ can be installed with multiple units in series,hence the drying efficiency is increased.

■ feature

 ※ equipped with intelligent temperature control system,therefore,the setting of temperature can be made flexibly according to the requirement.

 ※ with powerful infrared lamps and reflective matrial coated interior wall,the heat transmission is fast and efficient.

 ※ equipped with convection blowers for speeding the heating and chimneys for exhausting vapor and,so as to reduce the pollution.

 ※ with insuiation shell.not only safe but also less heat loss.

 ※ suitable for various sizes of tiles due to the roller table for transport(optional).

 ※ connection ontlet for remote control is available.

■ product parameters (l3000)

modeloverall dimension (mm)width of entrance(mm)range of tile width(mm)installed power()weight(kg)

drying cabin(infrared/gas type)

drying machine(by electric)

drying cabin(by gas)

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