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such as funerals began producing high-quality
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editor's note: ceramic industry in the endless spread of cold winter on the occasion, companies are looking to survive. newspaper starting from this issue, the ad hoc "enterprise interview" section, will be devoted to this reporter visited a number of enterprises, these companies hope to resolve the deep, for many ceramic enterprises to seek a breakthrough in the embattled occasion to inspire.

vision outlook: new jingtai impression

jingtai was established in 1993, it is a collection product development, precision machining, engineering, installation as one of the ceramic machinery enterprises, to provide customers with the transformation of the old line, a new line of design, product development, technical seminars, and other train service, is a professional glazing line equipment and automation equipment suppliers. flagship product, "antique brick equipment" in the domestic market share of more than 70%, has been hailed as inline "antique brick equipment specialist."

jingtai "quality, service, and never stop" business philosophy as the guiding ideology, in recent years through the introduction of iso, ce and other advanced management system and technical standards, and constantly improve product quality, resulting in most of the products have reached or exceeded the technical level of domestic counterparts. meanwhile, the company set up a service point in the main producing areas in fujian, shandong, jiangxi, sichuan and abroad india, iran, taiwan, vietnam, so that sales and service in parallel.

in recent years, the new jingtai is targeting the development trend of antique brick and automation equipment in the domestic first developed and launched the antique brick equipment series and tile automatic sorting packaging production line, to help customers improve product quality, save production costs , leading tile trend. april 2012, the new jingtai independent research and development of second-generation inkjet machine was launched, is an epoch-making progress in china-made ceramic machine industry inkjet machines.

panorama quest: jingtai panorama

funerals beginning as quality win
- interview with new jingtai

pan chunhua newspaper reporter trainee reporter lin lingfeng

there is a business with a few decades adhere day to get the industry recognition; from a simple sales agent development of financial research and development, manufacturing and sales of equipment glazing experts; the most lawless of antique brick equipment to do meticulous precision, and become a leader in the market segments ...... it is the new jingtai. today, the successful launch of the new jingtai domestic inkjet machine, the first and second batch of machinery have successfully installed and put into production, sales of inkjet printers can be described as adverse economic gains across the board, it can be regarded as the first battle. what this business behind what is worth learning experience? public industry friends may wish strokes with reporters, an up-depth understanding.

core beliefs: stick with quality speaker

"antique brick barrier to entry is very low, but it really is difficult to do. everybody can see, tiles, tiles and other categories so many changes are limited, and the quality of their products in mass production when relatively good control, and antique tiles are not the same, never fixed standard can follow and really well done fine companies are few. so antique brick this product feature determines the characteristics of its equipment , and also determines the characteristics of the development of our business. "peng chang based his right.

it can be referred to the new jingtai antique brick equipment specialists, also after a long process of development. and throughout the development process is the belief - quality adhere to speak. "no matter how the business side propaganda, how to layout strategies, how to do innovation, but ultimately play a decisive role in the quality of the product or the enterprise is to survive by product, and we all agree it should, then the quality is good or bad decision are companies really recognized. "peng told reporters, since the new jingtai years, has always insisted this belief to go, so could have been a steady advance.

with the quality of talk, is easier said than done, as has been able to adhere to a belief is more difficult. but the new jingtai over the years, such as funerals beginning, which is by industry recognized this belief. "the industry knows that a lot of the company's products have two sets of standards, a set of quality standards for domestic products, relatively loose, set for export, are relatively strict. and our products has been insisting throughout the export of european product standards, and has been the only one standard. "for example, the new jingtai roller printing machine adhere to the same selection and heath terme systems manufactured china-made" heath tatum "roller printing machine, to ensure the quality is absolutely reliable outside, much cheaper price relative 比希斯特姆 color, to meet the needs of high-volume customers.

belief strategy: professional specialty or professional

"with the professional people to do professional things, in order to ensure product quality. therefore, the new jingtai industry really be recognized and called 'antique brick equipment specialists, glazing line equipment expert' nor pinch and it is step by step, down to earth approaching. "in 1993, when the newly established, the new jingtai mainly agent of some brand equipment, mainly selected brand is recognized in the industry on the product quality of living. "at that time we do not know so much, so we start to sell the main, while selling groping and learning later come to know and thoroughly understand, and really started to produce their own." from products to produce their own, outsiders perhaps this is not what it seems, but the new jingtai people, but called after a leap like progress. because the new jingtai to ensure product quality, never do things they are not good, since you can produce their own, and it explained that it had cut right through.

for the current favorite as the industry ceramic ink-jet printer is the same, the new jingtai three years ago with a professional digital printing business runtianzhi cooperation, but also want to borrow runtianzhi professional in the field of printing and their own ceramic professional glazing equipment in the field of research and development to jointly create high-quality products and services. as a result, the new jingtai inkjet machine did not disappoint.

product strategy: high-quality products is the sun, the stars matching products

every business has its own product strategy and positioning, the market is very broad, the range of product categories, how to choose from a number of products which fit their own production, which is a key to business success. for new jingtai, the product strategy from the moment determined from the enterprise and faith, has already decided the general direction of its product strategy.

"the first thing we do is we are good, can do the best products, and secondly, in which segments, we hope we can try to enrich the product range. want a dominate the market, it is impossible , the market is large, a lot of product categories, who can guarantee that there is enough economic strength and technological strength to thoroughly understand all the products monopolize the whole market? clear understanding of this point, the next will be easier. "peng told reporter, the new jingtai glazing line equipment is the high-quality products, glazing equipment currently occupies about 80 share glazing equipment market, and has been continuously conducting innovative research and development, leading the development direction of the glazing equipment market. "in ensuring high-quality products on the basis of market dominance, to increase the associated ancillary products, such as detection machines, packaging machines, etc., and thus improve the matching chain, so that in order to be called 'experts' simply means that 'i have no people, who have my spirit'. "

adhere to the product strategy, the new jingtai years been recognized as the industry is "glazing equipment specialists" and "antique brick equipment specialist."

market strategy: moving steadily, attracting repeat customers

eat a fat man, probably not succeed is to be chengsi. jingtai well versed reason, therefore, for the layout of the market, never blindly seek more, but adhere to the "steady, with the service and quality to attract repeat customers." quality to win the new jingtai faith, not reflected in the quality of its products, as reflected in its service. jingtai there are a number of technical elite, specialized ceramics factory at the customer's technical services, equipment purchases where the new jingtai, technical staff are responsible for installation and commissioning of the plant even make the appropriate technical training. at the same time, the new jingtai also learn foreign outstanding enterprise management, as part of each device numbering management, making it easy to service queries. "this is a very complicated and large project management, we spent a lot of energy to do it. with this number, the client can be very convenient and our ordering spare parts or replacement devices, such as a mechanical a component in a long time need to be replaced, customers only need to call for a number we can quickly ship in the past. "peng told reporters that such services are not many industry peers.

to do so every customer comprehensive services, customers buy natural and convenient, the next to come back twice and even multiple purchases will come out ahead.

according to peng said the market development of new products jingtai are able to ensure quality of service and technical support for the foundation. to ensure that each customer satisfaction precondition down gradually open up new markets and new customers. "we are currently in the country and abroad in many parts of many provinces and cities have a special service points, to ensure that customers in these regions can enjoy the most timely and most professional service."

recent directions: relying on innovation to lead the market

"the difference between leaders and followers, is that leaders in innovation, as in most follow." jobs said. to dominate in the field of high-quality products, they must be able to have the ability to lead the market. therefore, innovation is the new jingtai one secret of success. adhere to innovation, so that new jingtai closer and stronger, and forever leading position. from innovative shaped coating and innovative way of pouring out the linear enamel, to glaze-and this year a grand festival of enamel and inkjet market, all in the new jingtai adhere to quality, based on innovation and trying each section devices are to solve the difficulties and the corresponding market presence.

peng told reporters that the new jingtai equipment in the industry have a lot of customers, each year, the new jingtai for these customers will have the use of some of the research, according to which the basis of feedback and market research, the new jingtai will be established in the coming year r & d direction. such as inkjet machine, imported new machines on the market have been used jingtai learned first is the high price, the second is the existence of cable serious question, the third is very easy to plug the nozzle. to solve these problems, the new jingtai inkjet machine is a breakthrough in these three areas are: the price is much cheaper it is obvious to all; cable problems than foreign machine has greatly improved; the one hand, we regard the nozzle self-cleaning function, the other taken special way permutations and combinations, clogging and blocking the can be easily replaced.

"we do things out, once the market is an open attitude. welcome to the industry to exchange view, as to imitate and follow, which is the inevitable development of the market, we do not deliberately stop." peng general told reporters, innovative things out imitate someone follow illustrate the good things, and secondly, so you can continue to spur new jingtai new breakthrough innovation, if they do not continue to have a new product launch, it will drown in the turbulent market trends inside.

therefore, the new jingtai understanding of innovation is: endless.

series hou sisuo

peng understanding, is a chance, not in a hold on the very successful forum. remember that all of the inkjet market outlook situation debating different opinions. everyone being unable to agree on the occasion, a man of medium build invited to sky, smiling, calm came to power, then, eloquent. he used accurate data, insightful and wise wording of the statement in a matter of minutes, beat the pack, ending this "dispute." then it came to power as the same face with a touch of calm and confident smile, step down seating. he is the group chang peng, foshan city, jingtai general manager.

impression, peng at any time have a kind of calm and quiet temperament, calm smile, calm tone, peace of mind. this temperament around the conversation always make people feel like a spring breeze, and therefore he was able to friends over the world. many personality and strong, dignified veterans the difference is that, from the peng who you always feel a humility and peace, of a tolerance and generosity, it is the heart of admiration rather than fear.

the interview was conducted in the office peng, yu of chinese culture from the room no one comes out faint corner, calligraphy emotion restrained, elegant rustic wooden tables and chairs, elegant maid of tea rhyme ...... all of these together with the owner polite conversation and humble gentle smile, always makes a kind of illusion, the feeling that he was not blindly engage in technical background ceramic equipment business manager, but more like a scholar engaged in traditional cultural studies.

a corporate culture and business leaders personality has a direct correlation, jingtai have such a leader for all cultures "inclusive", there is such a leader with a tolerance of "be tolerant to diversity," it is today is the industry fully affirmed the status is granted. we have reason to believe that this enterprise will in the future as the horizon rising red sun, with each passing day!

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