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second-generation inkjet machines, ink-jet technology to boost domestic climbed to a new level
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second-generation inkjet machines, ink-jet technology to boost domestic climbed to a new level
- jingtai new generation inkjet grand listing

washington reporter   pan chunhua   chen yue   april 28 morning, foshan city, the new second-generation inkjet jingtai grand public, held a news conference earlier. jingtai yang weijie, chairman and general manager peng chang and enterprise groups and media engineers and customer representatives about 180 people arrived at the scene to witness this press release. jingtai by a new independent research and development of second-generation inkjet machines, skilled, have obvious advantages, by the on-site customer representatives have been received.

national boundaries, focus outside the machine advantages in a

the biggest advantage of

jingtai new second-generation inkjet in its various brands at home and abroad by attracting mainstream inkjet advantages in one, and abandon their own weakness, belonging to the powerful combination of innovative models.

both the appearance and internal structure, the new second-generation inkjet jingtai belong unique. "we launched this product until now, because we want it to be more perfect." jingtai new group general manager peng chang said that this machine is the new jingtai research team took two years of painstaking research crystallization. "from our machine body, you may find that many of the elements of mainstream machine, plausible and yet because we developed at the time, the domestic and international mainstream machines are done in-depth research, the advantages of the various models and shortcomings are well known, and try to set r & d superior to inferior direction. therefore, we have the advantage of a dozen distinct advantage. "chang peng group at a news conference on the research and development process to do a simple report.

easy to learn and easy to use, highlight the performance advantages of a dozen innovative charm

it is reported that the new second-generation inkjet jingtai obvious advantages, the main advantages are as follows: 1, simple operation, a bilingual interface, the operation mode is easy to learn, as long as people know the word, you can learn within minutes operating. this compared to imports inkjet machine, it can be described as a distinct advantage. 2, easy to use, compared with traditional inkjet, this new product is the environmental requirements greatly reduced. you can adapt to the environment, no extra for inkjet and create special working environment, save trouble and effort. 3, the pattern easy to edit, free incremental, random multiple print modes, online play plug. 4, the nozzle is a binary/grayscale eight optional pattern delicate. 5, continuous ink supply system, is no precipitation in the ink supply system piping, no dead ends, and there is a perfect ink temperature, liquid level, the use of negative pressure control, making the machine without the discharge pattern of overlapping lines, no color, and suddenly power outages or stop playing it will not clog. this is a major breakthrough technical difficulties. 6, with a convenient and practical color fine-tuning system to reduce chromatic aberration. 7, standard 6 color channels, to adapt to the different pattern of effects. 8, the machine can be adapted to current common industry mainstream ink. 9, full pull-out nozzle design, ease of maintenance, seamless lock locking system, easy maintenance. 10, quickly change color sorting, adapt to different patterns to maximize the effect. 11, automatic sprinkler vacuum cleaning, non-contact cleaning method, more secure, and save resources. 12, the excess ink recycling system, recyclable ink ejecting unwanted portions, so that the excess part of neither and fluttering everywhere, pollute the air, causing no cable, but also save ink. 13, accessories and spare parts of all imports, domestic control system to ensure product quality, while also allowing for good operation. 14, using a four-poster head positioning system. 15, the belt can be quickly replaced. 16, symmetrical design, you can use the left or right to order the production line.

in addition, the new jingtai professional service team has been known in the industry, and this also applies to the second field of inkjet.

pure original technology, boosting domestic inkjet technology climbed to a new level

whether it is design or on the internal structure, the new second-generation inkjet jingtai belong to pure original products, new jingtai it has filed a number of patents. if desired inkjet machine is the first domestic inkjet machine, that is not purely domestic fundamental sense, but only sino-foreign cooperation; thereafter tai wei, color inkjet industry spreading god belong come; only new jingtai the second generation of inkjet machines, and from the exterior to the interior structure of pure chinese ceramic machine industry in the true sense of the original, authentic pottery industry has domestic origin.

at the same time, its easy to learn and easy to use features, truly adapted to the chinese market, in a sense, the emergence of new jingtai second-generation inkjet machines, significance, boosting the domestic new inkjet technology it climbs. since then, marks out of the shadow foreign domestic machine inkjet machine, embarked on a unique way.

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