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chang peng group: debunking the myth inkjet machine also took its true face
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chang peng group: debunking the myth inkjet machine also took its true face
- interview with new jingtai group general manager peng chang

planning: qiao fudong written by: pan chunhua photography: huang mei ling

"line to the water to the poor, sitting watching clouds from time to time", between words chang peng group revealed a surge of calm and calm temperament, people do not consciously always linked to poetry related mood. the ceramic equipment industry elite, the love of traditional chinese culture, has subtle to his every move, the penetration into all aspects of life and work, and then in the gestures, mannerisms reveal the unconscious. in the inkjet localization heady, when a noisy equipment industry, as the new general manager of jingtai, peng chang has always base their own pace and ideas, plain and objective look at this machine, and to use their wisdom will this be the industry myth machine reduction, give the public a real explanation. he did not know he was this initiative itself, it has been coincident with the traditional culture "unbiased" one said.

respecting friends decade kindness unforgettable

into the group peng chang's office, elegant wood furniture and wall feel free to post calligraphy, in a rustic style reveals the owner of the office of traditional cultural preferences. "the taste of tea, produced in taiwan." fresh tea, the peng open to talking, start talking.

for your liking, peng chang outspoken group of traditional cultural preference is influenced by his own teacher to join the european family when rui. "just out of work in europe it is always with me, and with him ten years, so in addition to the business itself, ideologically as well as some things preferences are influenced by many subtle, monasteries thing." despite already own independent work, but in europe jiarui mention mentor when peng chang group still included affectionate, at more than two hours of conversation, he casually mentioned several times in europe jiarui, and each are showing intimacy, the kind of rhetoric see outpouring of affection and respectful attitude, highly infectious.

normal, sudden impact also had really

mentioned inkjet machine, the most direct view of the base peng chang is this: before the industry will mystify this machine too, should be common vision to restore the truth, so that the public are aware of cognition. "we have to do is uncover the mystery of this layer, but also a real public awareness, it would be for the industry to do the right thing." peng chang group said, "is a kind of inkjet technology, inkjet is a machine, in fact, this process in the paper and printing industry, the printing industry has long been applied, and the technology is very mature, it is not a new technology, but that only applied to the ceramic industry is relatively recent, there is nothing mysterious. previously, because of the european embargo on chinese technology, as well as domestic business earlier only have a machine to do this, businesses are deliberately myth, and now we have to do this, and i think, first of all we have to do is expose open this layer of mystery, but also a real public awareness. "

subordinates, refused to electronic office

in the interview, peng chang group inadvertently revealed that he basically do not use computerized office, he said e-nice, because the results can be too convenient communication, resulting is not affiliated independent, a lot of things dependent people. "which is to be made only on the final result handed me the file, because communication easy, semi-finished products under the electronic file to be handed in, let me be modified, once, twice, repeatedly modify before the final product. i do most of the work into, and cultured under the terms is not conducive to the growth of subordinates. "peng chang said base, so do not use his office computer, so that his hand is the final version of the document, just generally look at it, more responsibility on the subordinate side, contributed to its growth.

hot dialogue: new jingtai inkjet advantage parsing

"pottery industry innovation": we all know that inkjet is the recent upsurge peng talk about the possibility of inkjet in china's history?

chang peng group: in fact, inkjet is spread over from other industries, such as the printing industry (outdoor advertising), paper and printing industry, etc., based on inkjet promotion in various industries on , spread to the ceramic industry. inkjet technology used in the ceramic industry, initially in the prevalence of foreign, mainly european, but europe has been to china a technology blockade, inkjet printers and ink are not sold in the chinese market, china is open until the last fishes. this technology can be said to be built on the basis of manufacturing technology matures on.

so after the inkjet market open to chinese, asian gold medal is the first successful introduction of the enterprise, then, china has experienced inkjet printers and inkjet products, a great leap forward. inkjet began the process of localization, in addition to head, one after another more than a dozen domestic enterprises have developed, domestic machine is also in the second half of last year began to put into the market, but the domestic aspects of ink remains experimental. but even so, china can still be said to be a leap of development, with more than a year's time, through the european 40 - - development of 50 years, more than a year to catch up, and indeed startling.

"pottery industry innovation": inkjet technology from other industries are spread over, then the principle is the same, right?

pengji chang : yes, in fact it is to have a computer control system that will be entered pattern decomposed into the corresponding data, the data is in what position, what color and how much discharge points, and then transferred to the nozzle to execute this command. it belongs to a non-contact printing methods. head works are completed in accordance with instructions which when to open and close the nozzle, the ink droplets to put down. such a continuous integral with, this activity is completed.

resolution inkjet is 400--800dpi, that is one square inch where you can have 400--800 ink dot. the traditional screen printing, is 100--200 head, that is one square inch has a mesh 100--200. from the definition, the inkjet relatively clearer, but this is not its main advantage.

"pottery industry innovation": do you think the main advantage of inkjet reflected in those areas?

chang peng group: advantage compared with traditional screen printing and roller printing machine, inkjet is still very obvious. first, it saves a lot of complicated engraving plate or make network link, and change the pattern in the input pattern when very convenient. second, nearly perpendicular to the surface for easy printing irregularities but also its irreplaceable advantages. third, the pattern clarity can be achieved hd. fourth, truly personalized custom and so on.

these advantages can be obtained from different sources, no need to elaborate. changes in the most abundant worth saying, it should be realized that its color pattern, the pattern is very fast transmission speed can be achieved with continuous printing. and most importantly, the real function of the ink jet designer fully demonstrated the concept, so that the design can not be subject to the existing conditions, greatly broadens the scope of the design, so the design can be more abstract.

"pottery industry innovation": so you think inkjet in china is now at a stage of what?

chang peng group: although china has developed rapidly in a very short period of time quickly walked the nearly half a century of european history, but is still in the fledgling stage. there are a number of domestic machine has been put on the market, but the technology and the performance is not so perfect. throughout the industry, there is no real domestic inkjet industry leader, individual manufacturers in the market share leader for the time being, but because they are the way to cooperation with foreign subcontractors, which have a lot of equipment with chinese market acclimatized place in the market with the running-in process, the final launch of the second generation is an inevitable trend. meanwhile, as foreign r & d cycle is generally one year, and the reaction is relatively slow, so the competitive advantage in this respect has been missing. purely domestic inkjet machine, such as our new jingtai, such as tai wei, there is a benefit, more suitable for china's specific national conditions! in this respect, then, the country has not really inkjet industry leader, the competition has just begun.

"pottery industry innovation": ink, domestic development at that stage it?

chang peng group: ink in china is just starting, there are currently more than a dozen companies are doing it, but most are in the experimental stage, the real application market is still relatively small. but in the future all domestic would be an inevitable trend.

tri-color ink can theoretically, but in the ceramic industry, due to the need to burn after the hair color and other issues, a lot of ink is relatively complex, and sometimes will do a few more, there are several colors such as red, dark red light red, yellow, there are several colors. since the pigment inkjet ink to its worn very thin on color have sent many, many more colors appear relatively dim, narrow hair color ink-jet printing is a bottleneck currently exists. but fortunately tiles themselves need to use bright colors of the time would have been relatively small, relatively speaking, this

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