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xin jing tai sanshui new plant area increased 10-fold
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washington sunny morning of november 26, foshan city, jingtai ceramics co., ltd., held unprecedented new plant in sanshui southwest park technology industrial zone completed celebrations, from guangdong hongyu, che-hung system glaze, kang-tai, keda and other representatives gathered together more than 400 customers, chinese calligraphy and painting and other arts and crafts masters mei wending celebrities invited to help celebrate impromptu brush, witnessed new jingtai move to a new factory broad prospects to realize their ambition.

chairman yang weijie told reporters that the new jingtai is the first research and development, production and sale of antique brick machinery manufacturers, after 10 years of development, ushered in new opportunities. recently office building, production workshop located in sanshui estuary new plant, the plant increased from less than 6,000 square meters to more than 60,000 square meters. it has built a modern plant a new look.

according to the new jingtai group general manager peng chang describes, since moving into the new plant, the production schedule has been very busy, after the expansion of the workshop, to better regulate the production, basically meet the needs of customers' products, completely changed in the past received orders and can not produce the situation. but with the expansion of production capacity, the next step will continue to expand the production workshop, on land reserved for new plant planning, construction workshop, parts warehouse, staff quarters building and fitness venues, and continuously improve the welfare conditions of the majority of employees' work and life .

home shouted from far. chang peng group highlighted the company's recent new marketing strategy, that is "vertical decentralization, line management." jingtai the new marketing management authority put under domestic subsidiaries important ceramic producing areas, decentralization of responsibilities, and increased management authority areas branch, which is a big job responsibilities, salaries have been increased, greatly mobilized branch enthusiasm and initiative. at present the branch operation producing good, business has improved continuously.

in addition to the current production of traditional jingtai new flagship product, but also a new generation of main automatic balers, the brick and other equipment, new equipment jingtai excellent ease of use, ceramic enterprises home and abroad by the user's welcome for chinese antique brick to domestic and overseas markets made a significant contribution. china arts and crafts master mei wending was invited to the new jingtai inscription, called the new jingtai as "antique brick equipment specialist."

antique brick production machinery to achieve excellence, chang peng group believes antique brick machine is easy to do but hard to master, technical requirements, relatively high manufacturing precision. on the surface, many manufacturers can produce antique brick equipment, but the technology to really mature requires years of experience and precipitation.

reporter wu sicheng

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