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chang peng group: xin jing tai new heights
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"april 4 shipments a company colored drum machine out of the box inspection found that all of the drive head fixing screws loose, the two groups have been confirmed for the assembly mounting failure, there is no self-test result. hope to strengthen the team warning consciousness, strictly to good quality ...... "came to the entrance of new jingtai equipment assembly plant, the most striking is to" get rid of bad habits, to create a new culture "as the theme of the billboards, the publicity column display is the new jingtai problems found in the ceramic device production process, problem solving self-test briefing.

new general manager
jingtai foshan chang peng-yl

according to peng, general manager of foshan city, jingtai group chang, the new factory jingtai overall implementation of standardized management mode, product quality control, the implementation of self-checking and sampling detection method combining strict quality control, to provide customers with high-quality product. machinery manufacturing, and actively with international practice, the implementation of international standards of mechanical parts, reduce customer troubles in the use and maintenance process. meanwhile, the new jingtai established a relatively perfect service system, to provide customers with replacement parts, and does not upgrade or update the device for other reasons in violation of commitments.

reporters also learned that the new jingtai roller printing machine widest reach 1.5 meters, ceramic tile automatic packaging machines and other equipment by the various production areas customers. recently, the company's ceramic tiles inkjet printing apparatus has been put into the market. behind series of achievements, the new jingtai station to a new level of enterprise development. in order to better understand the company's current status and future direction of its reporters, general manager peng chang group interviews were conducted.

reporter: new jingtai new office building on the hardware facilities like?

peng base chang: in 1993, the new jingtai formally established in the future development process, the company taking into account the future development plan of the site carried out three relocation of the company's total area from the initial 10 acres gradually expanded to the current 76 acres . currently, the factory a project has been basically completed, built a three total area of ​​2,000 square meters of modern office buildings; over 5000 square meters assembly plant, more than 3000 square meters of processing workshop, 1,000 square meters of warehouses. in addition, the health and safety of workers also has a cafeteria and basketball courts.

jingtai great attention to product standardization management, parts of the production process using "erp management system." starting from the design of each component is numbered, numbered no separate parts are not allowed to use the system so that the warehouse ten thousand kinds of parts to supply the orderly production line assembly; in the production of parts, the company is important and high precision parts adhere to independent production, for which the company heavily imported more than cnc machining equipment from abroad, the price is up more than 300 million taiwan, the same type of business is the most sophisticated equipment. the high degree of automation and production efficiency, simple operation, the maximum error is only 0.02mm. recently, the company will add a piece of equipment to increase production equipment to meet the needs of our customers for new jingtai equipment. and ensure that all equipment sold in 5-10 years, can quickly and accurately provide parts to customers, new jingtai in this regard has to do domestic counterparts leader.

reporter: the current new jingtai machinery sales is what?

peng chang groups: current machinery manufacturers within the industry, many regard the trade and production tied up, making the company's product variety, production, covering almost all areas of ceramic machinery. the new focus is more down to earth jingtai independent research and development production, the company does not blindly pursue sales target growth, but steady increase. therefore, the last couple of years, the new jingtai sales has maintained a 20% to 30% increase.

reporter: new jingtai ceramic machinery sales in china are mainly concentrated in what areas? the proportion of domestic sales and exports are what?

peng chang group: overall, the new jingtai sales in the ceramic base is very fragmented. five years ago, the new jingtai sales model is mainly local, foreign, supplemented by sales in foshan, it reached 60% to 70% of total sales. and now, the new jingtai in shandong, fujian, jiangxi, sichuan and other areas have established their own offices, while taking advantage of these offices continue to differentiate new resident, drill down to the smaller ceramic-producing areas. so for now, the new jingtai has established a fairly complete service system; sales of various production areas in terms of the larger scale producing company, its sales in the areas of relatively more desirable. such as the rise in recent years in jiangxi ceramic-producing areas, the local government attaches great importance to this area, and increased investment in ceramics, so the new jingtai in jiangxi market sales will be relatively large.

currently, the new jingtai still mainly domestic, and domestic and export ratio was about 60% and 40%.

reporter: what new customer groups jingtai distinctive features?

peng chang group: currently, new groups of customers jingtai transformation of the old plant to the customer than a new production line of customers. in recent years, the old ceramics factory to develop new products to meet market demand, continue to buy new ceramic production equipment; such as old ceramics factory to produce tiles into the original production of antique bricks, tiles, it is necessary to increase production printing, antique tiles, etc. equipment. at present, with the deepening of industry transformation and upgrading, the number of such ceramics enterprises showing a year on year growth trend.

reporter: new jingtai has recently succeeded in independently developed ink jet printer, what problems encountered in the development process? the problem is how to solve?

peng chang group: in china, the production of ceramic ink jet printing apparatus generally has two modes, one "ism" full import mode, two independent research.

ink-jet printing apparatus main parts all imported models obtained can not change the design of the original equipment, and foreign inkjet devices in terms of yield, quality, performance, strictly speaking, a large ceramic production does not meet domestic requirements. meanwhile, in the market to do a full investigation, we found that the domestic application of digital technology maturity of not less than developed countries, particularly in the manufacturing of digital inkjet equipment level is quite high. therefore, the production of ceramic ink jet printing apparatus in the country related to mature technology for support, and after a second development can be applied on the product. for these reasons, the new jingtai embarked on a self-developed road.

chinese ceramics production yield, environment, management and other aspects of equipment requirements are very demanding, from two years ago, we changed the idea of ​​advanced technology from abroad to copy the digestion and absorption, the company applied the mature domestic technology, combined with ceramic equipment, production lines, and understanding their years of experience to produce a suitable ceramic production of ink-jet printing apparatus. especially for the shortcomings have been easy to pull inkjet ink is easy to drop, it made a lot of technical solutions.

ceramic production equipment only real domestic production in the country to promote the open. compared with foreign equipment, new jingtai inkjet printing apparatus with independent intellectual property rights, inkjet technology after localization study, the level of quality can reach the international advanced level. and we are all chinese, easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy maintenance, production, upgrade, expand quickly.

this year, we can still say that inkjet printer is a new product, as long as the localization, as ceramic production tools greatly reduce the threshold of the new ceramic products, new product development is a revolution, the future of new product development, sales , logistics and other aspects will have a significant impact. in future competition, companies production equipment will be at the same level, brand marketing, product design will be the focus of competition.

reporter: at present, the inkjet printer has been developed, and mainly rely on imports inkjet ink, ink jet ink localization also requires a certain process. for now, the inkjet ink of the largest domestic difficulties come from?

peng chang group: after just one year of research and development, the country has recently launched domestic business inkjet ink. the country has more than a dozen popular inkjet printing equipment, but most still need to rely on imported ink. expected at the canton fair in may this year there may be more than 10 companies have introduced an inkjet ink.

strictly speaking, the domestic enterprises in the last year, came into contact with the ceramic tiles ink jet printing apparatus, in such a short period of time, its implementation is the localization of certain technical difficulty. but overall, the inkjet ink is not the core technology threshold, thus breaking the domestic ceramic ink-jet ink companies rely on imports of the situation, just a matter of time.

at present, there are 30 to 50 ink-jet printer to be installed in the state, in the pilot phase of the ink jet printer is about 30, and formally put into use inkjet printers only a dozen units. jingtai the first year of production of inkjet printer 12 in may will be officially put in the domestic market, is expected in june, this figure will increase to more than 10. in the future the production process, the new jingtai will follow the market demand to determine the number of inkjet printer production. currently, the new jingtai inkjet printer being conducted negotiations with foreign investors in the near future, domestic inkjet printer will open up a broader foreign markets to the world.

it is worth emphasizing that the current ceramic inkjet printer in the world by the british head of production technology of "purcell technology" and america's "polaris technology" monopolized by domestic demand ink jet printer head in the coming years remain we need to rely on imports. currently, domestic enterprises are still some difficulties in the nozzle research and development production, it may also need to resolve this difficulty after nearly a decade of research and development and in billions of capital investment.

reporter: low carbon, environmental protection is the theme of the future development of the industry, new energy-saving and environmental protection in jingtai how responsive to national low-carbon, environmental policy?

peng chang groups: new jingtai since its inception committed to the promotion of energy saving equipment industry, the company is the introduction of an inkjet printing apparatus of low-carbon, environmental protection, energy reflected.

the introduction of an inkjet printing apparatus to reduce the ceramic production of intermediate links, reduce inventory, reduce restrictions on production, increased production flexibility, reduced business investment in human resources.

glaze for ceramic enterprises waste in the production process, the new jingtai after two years of research and development, followed after continuous restructuring, and finally succeeded in developing enamel organ festival, and this year began mass production. section enamel can save 5% to 10% of the glaze, the glaze condition to solve the waste, while improving the company's production environment. in addition, the new jingtai also launched a special sheet production equipment, but also a new section in jingtai emission reduction can be a major breakthrough in the area.

most of conventional ceramic enterprises of energy saving measures for mandatory government, and now, large-scale ceramic enterprises particularly focus on corporate energy conservation, some smaller-scale ceramic enterprises have begun to focus on energy conservation. energy conservation is not only related to energy savings, but also help to improve the working environment of workers, reduce labor intensity, to maintain the health front-line workers.

reporter: new jingtai since its establishment 17 years of history, in such a long period of time, the new jingtai made remarkable achievements. what do you think the new jingtai these achievements and honors reason?

peng chang group: 17 years of development is a constant search for new jingtai change, the ongoing process of industrial upgrading. in the year 2000, the new jingtai mainly in parts, the whole trade-based; after 2000, the new jingtai embarked on a self-developed road. since 2010, independent research and development of new types of ceramic equipment jingtai, from scratch, from single to multi-species, embarked on a digestion, improve digestion and then, further improvements and innovative way, at the same time learn from foreign advanced technology, combined the specific situation of china's ceramic industry, research and development for the chinese ceramics business equipment.

before proceeding with production equipment, the company will market the first in-depth and meticulous investigation, understand the needs of ceramic enterprises. in the device production processes, the company will manufacture strict control to ensure systemic stability, scientific and standardized equipment. i am most pleased, proud new jingtai constantly improve sound service system, but also the new jingtai invincible a big advantage in the fierce market competition. glaze line equipment such great uncertainty, different products require different techniques, glaze combination. therefore, the new jingtai addition to the original equipment, but also according to the specific needs of customers and products, constantly updated equipment, and strive to provide the most accurate and meticulous service to meet customers' changing varieties.

we believe that our ultimate goal of every job is customer satisfaction, so we at the same time 10 years of continuous development of products, improve manufacturing quality, and continuously enhance integration services technology, strive to create a network of services, this is a new jingtai constantly important reason to move forward. in may this year, the new jingtai fair exhibition area of ​​over 300 square meters, in addition to showing the main inkjet printing equipment, packaging machines, roller machines and other equipment will also be unveiled at the fair.

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