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xin jing tai mechanical launched the second generation of inkjet
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following last may 23, the new jingtai held a "new jingtai inkjet successfully launched cum antique brick whole line equipment handover ceremony", this year april 28, the new jingtai once again invited bode, beauty, home beauty ceramics and other business representatives ......

[china building material] following last may 23, the new jingtai held a "new jingtai inkjet successfully launched cum antique brick whole line equipment handover ceremony", this year april 28, the new jingtai once again invited bode , beauty, home of the united states and other ceramics business representatives, che-hung system glaze glaze company representatives and media friends gathered together sanshui plant jingtai new technology industrial zone, witnessed by its independently developed the second generation of inkjet machines. according to peng, general manager of the new group jingtai chang introduced, adhering to the "prime innovation" research and development concepts, new beginning jingtai national cheng kung university, especially the successful resolution and avoid the inkjet ceramics factory in the country, there are many details of the application, we have successfully developed " easy to learn and easy to use color stability and efficiency "of the advantages of the second generation of inkjet machines.

in reviewing the development of the past five years the inkjet market, the group peng chang believes that the domestic production of ceramic ink jet printing apparatus generally has two modes, one "ism" full import mode, the second is independent research and development. he said ink-jet printing apparatus main parts all imported models obtained can not change the design of the original equipment, and as the understanding of chinese ceramics production enterprises are not in place, foreign inkjet devices in production, quality, performance, strictly speaking mostly ceramic production does not meet domestic requirements. therefore, the new jingtai for industry use inkjet machine business conducted satisfaction surveys, the results are not optimistic, the machine represents less than half of the satisfaction of the enterprise. specifically dissatisfied mainly used in the operation is difficult, not enough stability, print quality is not good enough, etc., especially inkjet for most businesses is a new technology and equipment, a lot of technical staff in the use of the operation is still relatively unknown, in the face of stop, power outages and other emergency situations occur more know what to flawless.

chinese ceramics production yield, environment, management and other aspects of equipment requirements are very demanding, peng base chang said that from two years ago, the new jingtai to change the thinking of foreign advanced technology absorption from not copy to digest, corporate applications domestic mature technology, combined with ceramic equipment, production lines, and understanding their years of experience to produce a suitable ceramic production of ink-jet printing apparatus. compared with foreign equipment, new jingtai inkjet printing apparatus with independent intellectual property rights, in after domestic inkjet technology research, breaking the bundling machine with ink and other irrational factors do not meet china's national conditions, continuously circulating ink supply system ensure print quality and stability, the use of a combination of pull nozzle design easy maintenance, and simple chinese operation, easy maintenance, easy maintenance, production, upgrade, expand quickly.

reporters at the scene to observe the workshop jingtai new second-generation test inkjet machine, the whole process is very smooth, a block from the tile inkjet output and immediately accept the guests test, after repeated testing, the equipment did not show any adverse situation, the product color models are also very popular with the guests favorite. chang peng group believes that the new second-generation inkjet jingtai, the new jingtai technical team in many years at home and abroad ceramic inkjet technology to track summary, especially in recent years, continuous tracking of chinese domestic users, on the basis of the repeated demonstration, set director of the public, to avoid short product design before its mechanical structure, the ink supply system, software functions are to undergo long-term use authentication, the new product innovation and superior set of stereotypes, which also makes the machine has reached the level of a new level of similar products.

for inkjet market, peng chang group is very optimistic, he predicted that the future inkjet market will reach even more than a thousand, ceramic inkjet production equipment only real domestic production in the country to promote the open, and with domestic technology matures, domestic inkjet machine will become mainstream products, while imports inkjet machine will gradually transition.

foshan city, jingtai chairman yang weijie published his speech said that although the ceramic industry is facing the transformation and upgrading of development, but inkjet technology industry has brought new development opportunity for manufacturers to provide better tile production the overall solution, and energy saving is the trend, inkjet technology equipment industry sustainable development will boost the development of ceramic enterprises better, faster, stronger.

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